Dependable, Honest, and Dedicated to Schedule
Over the years, we have worked with Rimmer Electric on Compressed Natural Gas installations in Shreveport, Mansfield, and Alexandria. We also worked with them on a KBR / KWK FEMA installation. They are a professional subcontractor that is dependable, honest, and dedicated to schedule. We would recommend them highly.
Mike Boggs
Boggs & Poole Contracting
An Outstanding Company
We've worked with Rimmer Electric for over 5 years on projects including Millenium Studios, Sid Pott's Jewelry, and several others with contracts under one million dollars. They are an outstanding company and produce quality work in a timely manner.
Cayce Hand
Hand Construction
Attentive, Quality, Customer Service, Always on Schedule
In our experiences working with Rimmer Electric for commericial and industrical electrical contracting, we have found them to be attentive to our requests, focused on quality workmanship, excellent in the area of customer service, and always operating on schedule.
Ryan Roberts
Wieland-Davco Corporation
Projects Run Smoothly and On Schedule
We started working with Rimmer Electric in 2010 and have since completed several projects including the new 14,000 square foot Bossier Firehouse No. 5, renovation of the Northwest Development Center, and renovations to Swan Lake Apartments. Rimmer has always manned their jobs extremely well. They keep the project running smoothly and finish the job on schedule. Carter construction has had no problems with their performance or ability to meet our needs.
Cody Carter
Carter Construction
One of the First Contacts We Call
We always been very happy with the work performed by Rimmer Electric. They are one of the first contacts we call for an electrical price when bidding projects. We have worked with them on a number of projects including Southern University, the Northwest Regional Re-entry Center, and Oil City Headstart.
James Garcia
Garcia Construction